What to Look for When Selecting Your Agency

These days in a world of instant responses from email to social media, it’s much easier to maintain constant communication with the various departments that make up your business. In fact, communication is the number one priority that should be placed on everyone who works for you or with you. This includes the agency you hire to market your company.

Yes, there are many things that you should look for when hiring an outside agency to handle your company’s marketing. Communication is definitely number one. If they’re quick to return a call or respond to an email, that’s usually a good sign because let’s face it, much like the news cycle, marketing has become a 24/7 gig. If you need something updated or altered, it needs to happen at a moment’s whim. Of course, communication isn’t the only important aspect you need to look for in an agency. Below is a list of 3 other positive facets that make up a great agency.

A Balance of Creativity and Experience

Some agencies try to push the envelope and use unusual methods to drive their marketing. Others are cut and dry. They know the methods that work for them, and they’re never going to deviate from the norm. Both can work. But it’s better to have a mixed bag of tricks.

Discovery an agency that can balance both set of skills is crucial. Sure, there are times where a unique ad campaign will get you plenty of hits and extend your audience. We’re all looking to discover the latest trend, as opposing to just swimming in its wake. However, it’s also important to note when it’s better to simply catch the current and let it send you on your way to get to your current goal. Find an agency that can help you do both.

Hire a Culture

Don’t hire an agency simply because you want to hire an agency. You need a group of people who are willing to do good work because it’s what they love. Not because it’s what they get paid to do.

When hiring a new agency, it’s important to do some research for yourself. Find out what their core values are and if they’re in line with your own company’s. It’s crucial to select people who are collaborative and proactive. It goes along with the importance of communications, mentioned above. If they’re easy to talk to, provide a lot of positive energy, and aren’t afraid to reach out, you may have chosen a winner.

Vertical Expertise

Finally, a marketing firm that has knowledge about your industry will be a tremendous help. Of course, it’s important to keep an open mind. Your specific industry might be incredibly niche. Don’t go into a meeting with a potential marketing company and expect them to know every aspect of your business. However, if they happen to have similar clients and have done similar work in the past, do take note. You can certainly cherry-pick enough to find an agency that understands your specific services. Not only will you save time by not having to rehash industry basics, you might even be lucky enough to see some real innovation occur as your marketing team digs deep!