How to Tell if Your Website is Responsive

It’s important to know what your website looks like for people viewing it on their phones or tablets. These devices have now surpassed personal computers when it comes to web traffic, so having a mobile responsive website is crucial. However, if you’re only ever viewing it on your desktop web browser, how can you tell if it looks good on someone’s iPhone? Simple. Follow these three tips below!

1. Find Out In Your Browser

A simple trick to detect how responsive your website is, is by simply taking a corner of your browser, whether it be Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, and dragging it from right to left and top to bottom. If you see that your content and your text are shifting with the changing shape of the web browser than you’re probably good! However, it’s always best to try it out on the actual devices themselves…

2. Use Your Own Device

This may seem silly, but some people are unaware that you need to incorporate some kind of mobile responsive plugin to make your website’s design look natural on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Some people just think that it happens naturally, and that’s okay! We can’t all be tech geniuses. Some of us have a business to run! However, if you’re not exactly sure what your page looks like on a smaller device, pull out your phone right now and look it up. If it’s jumbled with text and images all over the place, then you do not have a responsive website.

3. Test It On Google

Google offers its own testing tool to analyze the responsiveness of one’s website. You can click the link here to check it out. All you have to do next is type in your website’s URL and the page will do the rest for you. Depending on your results, you may have some next steps in order to update your business’ webpage.

Enlist Our Help

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