Yes, Dogs and Cats Can Add Hours to Your Day


With the dawn of Facebook and assorted social media, it’s a fact that constant distractions during your day can really take a toll. A 2015 report estimated that Americans utilize their phones over four hours a day. Not that it’s all social media, but you can assume that at even 50% it’s over two hours a day — that’s a lot of time. Time that you’ve probably noticed is gone from your normal day as well. And it’s not like you lose this giant chunk of time all at once. It’s more insidious than that. You lose that time in many, many short segments. A few minutes here, a half hour there, and before you know it there’s hours from your day that’s gone. Completely gone.

But how do you get this under control before it starts affecting your day to day life? Just quit it cold turkey?

It’s a parallel with that of smoking or any other bad habit that you might enjoy.

There’s the attempts of cutting back on social media time, and for a courageous few, cutting out social altogether. But we’re not going to go to an extreme in this article. This article is to teach you a simple trick that will help you start getting time back in your day, one dog or cat at a time.

Wait. What was that?

Yup. One dog or cat at a time. 

someone-is-at-the-door-let-me-sing-the-song-of-my-people-funny-dog-memesThis might be hard to believe, but most of social media (Facebook, we’re looking in your direction) is about 80% meaningless junk that people seem to just bounce around like one of those beach balls at a live concert. You can use that to your advantage in this case. Most of the junk pushed around consists of memes and videos, and sooner than later one of our furry friends finds their way into that cesspool Facebook calls a newsfeed. Oh look – that cat moves its arms around just like a ninja. And that dog really needs to get adopted even though it is missing a leg. That’s your cue.

The trick is a simple one

Every time you see a dog or cat in your newsfeed, you log off of Social Media until the start of the next hour. 

cat-memeSeems pretty simple, right? Not so my friend. With this article in mind, take notice in your next Facebook foray: dogs and cats are everywhere. You can’t escape them, and that’s good. The more people post or push that fluffy content around, the more you find yourself putting that phone down and enjoying this thing called “real life”.

Let’s face it – you’re not going to look back on your life and wish you spent more time staring at your phone. Make use of your newfound independence. Go for a walk, get something done, learn new things. Unplug.

Other animals are ok though, so you can watch stuff like this on repeat all day long.

Joseph Sawa
John Navickas is the Creative Director for Inertia. Family man, sax player, mummer, car enthusiast, and a sucker for really good typography. Connect with him on Linkedin.