No, Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

As a matter of fact, it is more alive and effective than ever. With the explosion and intrusion of Social Media into virtually every aspect of our lives, there has been a true new appreciation and consideration for the use of direct mail in today’s marketing campaigns.

The development and use of variable data printing now allows every direct mail piece to be highly personalized with true personalization, individualized promotional offers and effective audience targeting. Marketers are realizing the benefits of the “new” direct mail and using it more and more.

Layoff the Emails

It Can Be Better than Email

There’s nothing wrong with sending a promotion via email. However, how many emails do you receive each day? For some target markets it can be overwhelming. Direct mail is a relief from that. It is a singular communication that lands in your “real” mailbox, you can physically open it, hold in your hand and take your time to read. What a concept!

This is the era of multitasking. Once a prospective client or customer opens one of your emails, he or she may already have 20 other notifications going off in the background of their computer. When you send an effective direct mail piece, it’s like your company has the ability to do a sales pitch right at their dining room table.

Direct Mail is alive and well!